On shoes are very different from other brands no what angle you look them from. The on the shoe is made to work with one’s feet but not to replace them. To make sure that your feet work inside more efficiently, the inside of on shoes is separated into clouds that are placed at the bottom of the shoe. Read full ON Cloud X review.

The on shoe have also speed boards in the inside., that are hidden plastic insoles designed so as to work like the plantar fascia the foot bottom. That is activated when one lands, making them spring one off the ground at the toe off.

The on shoes come in many ranges runners can choose from. They also come in different colors.

For faster runners, the cloud x are shoes that suit them in every way, for the shoes are firmer to the runners’ feet. The shoes can also be used for easy runs too not only the long runs. Unlike other running shoes, gives the runner that feeling that they have touched the floor compared to those that make one feel a squidgy, softer feeling in the shoe. The x cloud shoe has become preferred by many runners since their introduction to the market.

The shoe also feels more stable, like any other shoe since the foot is lower to the ground. Since the drop from the heel to the forefoot is 6mm. But not as it’s with the cloud flow that’s the same. Compared to the cloud flow the heels feel less prominent with cloud x, thus allowing for a natural stick at midfoot.

The on cloud x are broader compared to other shoes in the market; this allows for more room to spread the feet just like with the cloud layer type of shoes.

The speed board in on cloud x is firmer and snappy than it’s in speed-oriented kind of shoes. The shoes are more flexible due to the firmer pods that are on the outsole. Though the pods can feel odd at the beginning. But after a few runs, the feeling is no more. The difference is typical in midsoles that can’t bend and at the same time flex like it is in cloudless. One should never take advantage of this development of the on cloud x.

The shoes are really an evolution in the cloud type. For it was more focused on performance and made specifically for runners. For most runners look for shoes that they can use to run and at the same time use them at the gym. The shoe supports both conventional runs and lateral moves as well.


They are the lightest shoes than any in the market. The on cloud x shoes make the runner feel faster making them the most preferred by most runners be it for long or short distance running. They make runner responsive, lightweight, and quick though some say the spectrum of cushioning as from their barefoot to the ultra-cushioned and the cloud tec that is from three on that spectrum.