Two informational sessions will be held at Fleet Feet Sports (330 Franklin Rd., Brentwood), at 9:30am and 12:00pm, on Saturday, September 15th. Program coaches, and other Fleet Feet running mentors, will be on-hand to answer questions and work with those who are registered for the program or would like to sign up.

No Boundaries Coaches Carol Rolfes and Vicki Hall are both graduates of the program, and are particularly adept at handling the challenges and questions new runners, or those returning to running, face in their 5K training. “We’re very empathetic, because we know exactly what it’s like to be at the start line of this incredible journey, and the effort it takes to find that “me” time and make regular exercise a priority,” said Hall.

A “Reinvention” for Coach Rolfes
Coach Carol Rolfes, a fit and energetic grandmother, began the No Boundaries program a few years ago to support her son Joe’s efforts to get in shape and lose a bit of weight. At that point, by her own admission, she had been solidly on the couch and not exercising for 20 years. Completing her 5K goal race through No Boundaries signaled the end of her 20-year “hiatus”, and the beginning of an entirely new career with Fleet Feet. She continued training, and in January of 2010 with son Joe pacing her, Rolfes ran herself all the way to a first marathon finish. She began working at Fleet Feet, and is an apparel and sports bra fit specialist. She also wanted a more technical education in running, and earned a certification from the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) as a running coach.

“The empowerment of running, and feeling good about it, was so good for me, regardless of how fast or slow I was. It was a total reinvention for me, because I was literally starting over. I still get teary-eyed every time I see our new athletes crossing the finish line. Being able to see them accomplish their goal is an honor,” said Rolfes.

Get Moving and Think “Beyond”
Coach Rolfes and Coach Hall emphasize the goal of the program is to get people moving, no matter the pace, and to focus on fitness and forming healthy habits that they can maintain. “I want people to always think beyond our training program…beyond the 5K, 10K. I always ask what’s next, to encourage people to continually focus on what is beyond for them,” said Rolfes. Fleet Feet’s No Boundaries program creates a caring, friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere to help people establish a consistent routine, while holding them accountable to create that habit.

No Boundaries 5K Program Details
Informational Meetings at Fleet Feet Sports are at 9:30am and 12:00pm on Saturday, September 15. Beginning October 2nd, the group meets every Tuesday at 6pm at the Otter Creek Church, 409 Franklin Rd, Brentwood, and on Saturdays at 8:00am at Fleet Feet Sports, 330 Franklin Rd, Brentwood.

Group workouts will be led by coaches and mentors and include core strengthening and yoga. Saturday workouts include informational clinics on topics such as proper gear from head to toe, juggling exercise with busy schedules, nutrition/hydration, proper stretching, injury prevention, race day prep and what to do after race day.

The program’s goal 5K (3.1 mile) race is Rudolph’s Red Nose Run in downtown Nashville on December7th. Participants in the program may register online, and receive a 10-week training plan, weekly emails with tips and motivation, two group runs per week, and a gear bag to kick off training. The cost for No Boundaries is $125 per person. The cost for the 5K goal race is not included in the program fee.